What we do.

We are here to help you through challenging situations. Here are some of the areas of law we have helped our clients. Please contact us to learn about all of our services and whether we may be able to help you.

Family Law

Family Law

We have experience in all facets of domestic relations including:

  1. Divorce Cases
  2. Child Custody and Visitation
  3. Child Support Modifications and Enforcement
  4. Domestic Abuse Preventions Orders
  5. General Equity Court Matters

Our mission is to provide sensible, straightforward solutions to your family’s legal issues. We genuinely care about all of our clients. Our team will consider how every decision might influence your life in the long term so that you can focus on living your daily life.

We apply our skills as trial lawyers and accomplished negotiators to achieve your goals without losing sight of preserving family harmony. We will employ reasoned negotiations that are fair and harmonious for the long-term. However, when court-ordered resolutions are necessary, you will have an experienced trial lawyer by your side.

We are proud to practice in the first state to legalize marriage equality. We understand that there are family law issues unique to the LGBTQ community such as surrogacy, adoption, ‘non-traditional’ custody arrangements, and estate planning.

Criminal Law

Criminal Law

We offer experience defending against Federal and State criminal matters such as:

  1. White Collar Crimes
  2. Major Violent Crimes
  3. Firearms Cases
  4. Drug Cases
  5. Drunk Driving Arrests
  6. Abuse Allegations
  7. Violations of Restraining Orders
  8. SORB Hearings
  9. Clerk Magistrate Hearings

We have the experience you can trust and the skills necessary to defend against accusations of criminal misconduct. Facing criminal charges can result in substantial jail time and put your present and future employment opportunities at risk. We have vigorous investigation and negotiation techniques to obtain dismissals and influence decisions to forgo criminal prosecution. We have a network of investigators, forensic accountants and computer experts at our disposal to obtain acquittals and in some cases, help avoid criminal charges altogether.

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

We have litigated thousands of civil cases against individuals, businesses and their insurers in a variety of liability circumstances including:

  1. Commercial and Business Litigation Disputes
  2. Wrongful Death Claims
  3. Personal Injury Claims
  4. Professional Negligence Claims
  5. Civil Restraining Orders
  6. Discrimination Claims
  7. Residential and Commercial Evictions

Litigation and assisting clients in pursuing or resolving disputes, which often results in lawsuits, is the cornerstone of our practice. We work with our clients to to identify their goals and develop a winning strategy to achieve the best possible outcome. You will be represented by a strong advocate at every step of the litigation and dispute process.