Distribution of Class A (cocaine) and Class B (heroin) charges dismissed.

Needham police responded to a call that a small child was left unattended in a park.  The effort to return the child home set in motion a chain of events which culminated in the arrest of Christopher M.  The police found Christopher in the basement of a house where they suspected the child lived.  The arrest triggered a search of Christopher’s person and belongings which yielded a large quantity of cocaine and heroin.  Christopher was indicted in the Norfolk County Superior Court.

Attorney Salinas filed a motion to suppress all of the items seized after the warrant-less entry into the residence.  Attorney Salinas argued that the police entry into the residence and search of his person violated federal and state constitutional principles governing the propriety of warrant-less search and seizures.  After an evidentiary hearing, the motion to suppress was allowed and the case was dismissed.

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