Criminal firearms charge dismissed.

Paul W. was having a quiet evening until he got a call from the Saugus Police Department.  The police had placed his niece in protective custody because she was intoxicated and needed a ride home.

Paul drove his car to the police station and met both his niece and police officers in the parking lot.  When Paul stepped out of his car the police saw loose ammunition on the floor and an empty gun case on the seat.  Paul held a valid license to carry firearms (“LTC”).  The police subsequently searched Paul’s car and discovered a .45 caliber hand gun tucked in the driver’s seat.  Despite having a valid LTC, the police charged Paul with improper storage of a firearm.

Attorney Salinas filed a motion to dismiss the criminal charge.  He argued that a firearm is not improperly stored if it is under the direct control of a properly licensed individual.  The court agreed with Attorney Salinas and the charge was dismissed.

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